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Guest Speaker, Chris Buckley, East Bridgewater's Veterans Service Officer

Posted by Sean Riley on September 28, 2019 at 12:15 AM

Last night at our regularly scheduled Kiwanis Club meeting, we were honored to have East Bridgewater's newly appointed Veterans’ Service Office, Chris Buckley, as our guest speaker.

Chris has served our country proudly in Bosnia in 2000, two tours of duty each in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2000 and 2008, with 22 years of military experience.

Chris expressed his desire to support every veteran, no matter who, and no matter where they served…whether it’s as simple as getting an ID card for them or something more complicated. “Whatever he can do” for them is how he explained it.

Chris spoke about an interesting photo he found in town hall dating back to September 27, 1919, 100 years old today. In it are 149 (2 of them were woman) local soldiers, leaving for war with a hero’s send off. (Remarkably 147 returned). That number comprised of 79 East Bridgewater residents. Considering the population of between 1,200 and 1,500, 79 soldiers was a very high percentage. 16 of those soldiers the American Legion Post 91. It is interesting to note, 6 of the soldiers in this photo are also memorialized in East Bridgewater’s WWII Memorial.

The photo will be hung outside his office for anyone who wants to view it. Chris believes strongly that children today, the same age of these men and women were then, need to be told and understand told of their sacrifices. Sacrifices that were made so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have today.

Chris’ passion for Veteran’s Affairs is evident when he speaks about it. And we want to thank him for taking the time out to share his stories with the Kiwanis Club of East Bridgewater.

East Bridgewaters Kiwanis President, Dale Julius and Veterans Service Officer, Chris Buckley

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Guest Speaker, Christopher McGee, Director of Library Services, East Bridgwater Public Library

Posted by Sean Riley on May 29, 2019 at 10:25 AM

On Thursday, May 23rd, the Kiwanis Club of East Bridgewater welcomed guest speaker, Christopher McGee, Director of Library Services at the East Bridgewater Public Library.

Director McGee told us that his journey from Kingston Springs, a suburb of Nashville, to Director of Library Services seems an unlikely one. As a child reading, aside from school books, wasn’t something his family did. The small, one-room town library, staffed by a volunteer librarian with donated books, was too far from his home to visit regularly. But one day he found himself down town with some time to spare and he went into the library and had what he described as a “Reader’s Advisory Interview” with the librarian. This experience opened a whole new world to him and changed his outlook about reading and books.

After high school he enrolled in Community College part time. And, wanting to be where people “knew stuff,” he worked at the library as an entry-level clerk/book labeler. Eventually he earned his BA and got a job in the University Library. But he still had his eyes set on being a Professor of English Literature. He continued his education, going to North Eastern University and then UC, Davis for his PhD in English Literature. Then he earned his Master’s in Library Science at San Jose State University.

Dale Julius and Director, Christopher McGee

As a child he remembered how much he loved the public library. He always thought that university libraries were about “work” and public libraries were about what people wanted to read. During a Circulation position in Maryland, his advisor pushed him into an administration job explaining that he could have a bigger impact by directing the library and making sure it was doing what needed to be done to be a resource for the community. Thus his love of public libraries was born.

He explained how the library has evolved as the needs of the community evolved. Books will always be a large part of the library’s offerings. But they offer so much more. Beyond DVD’s, music CDs, and digital offerings, they have yard games, and a karaoke machine. They have museum passes to loan out as well as a telescope! They also provide a place for people to work and connect to the internet. They have meeting rooms you can use, computers, printers as well as free WiFi. They’re also a great resource if you’re looking to learn more about East Bridgewater’s History. All these things are available with just a free library card. So, anyone who claims that in the age of the internet, libraries are obsolete, obviously doesn’t know how much libraries have evolved and grown.

Director McGee put is so well when he said, “The library isn’t what they “have”…but it is the people who work there and the people who use the library every day. The library changes and grows depending on what the people need. It is a space for the people and the community. For a full list of their services, hours, and more, visit their web site:

We want to thank Director McGee for taking the time out of his schedule to meet with us and for helping to remind us what a gem our public library is.

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Guest Speaker, Eric Lott, Archaeologist

Posted by Sean Riley on May 17, 2019 at 3:05 PM

Last night at our regularly scheduled Kiwanis meeting, Eric Lott was our guest speaker. Eric is an archaeologist with PAL, Public Archaeology Laboratory, in Pawtucket Rhode Island. PAL is a leading New England cultural Management (CRM) firm and they offer services in the fields of archaeology and historic architectural survey, cemetery investigations, expert testimony, etc.

Dale Julius and Eric Lott

Eric is from Plymouth but has lived in East Bridgewater since moving here in 2014 with his wife Lexie Waugh.

Eric finds East Bridgewater especially interesting from an Archaeologist’s standpoint because of its rich history. Native American sites have been identified that go back 9000 years. And then there are the Colonial sites, many of which are accessible today. Eric explained that during King Philips (1675-1678) 11 houses were burned here in Bridgewater (sections of which are now East Bridgewater). Each of those sites are significant because of their role during such a turbulent time in our colonial history.

We got a lesson in Carbon Dating, a way of determining the age or an artifact. And discussed the fishing weir that still exists in the Satucket river.

It was fascinating listening to him and the how often there is a need for his services, identifying both cultural and historic sites before they could potentially be lost to development.

Thank you, Eric for visiting with us and giving us a sense of what an modern archaeologist does.

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Guest Speaker, Robert Peterson, East Bridgewater Constable and Local Business Owner

Posted by Sean Riley on May 10, 2019 at 11:15 AM

Last night at our regularly scheduled meeting, we had the pleasure of welcoming Robert Peterson as our Guest speaker. Not only has Robert recently been re-elected as an East Bridgewater Constable, he is a local business owner a few times over.

Dale Julius and Robert Peterson

Robert told us how his story began with a problem. As a stay-at-home dad, his lifestyle became quite sedentary and soon he began to develop some potentially serious health concerns. He decided that he needed to take the situation seriously and began exercising, eventually losing 100lbs. It was during this process he decided he wanted to become a personal trainer and help others. This developed further, and he eventually opened a gym, 1 on 1 Strong ( in Whitman (see address below).

Robert Peterson

At the same time Robert owned and operated a café in Worcester. In getting healthier he became more and more aware of nutrition and wanted to offer healthier options to his customers. This lead to his opening Wicked Smoothie Espresso Bar in Whitman (see address below). Robert works with a fair trade, organic coffee bean supplier, Dean’s Beans in Orange. Ma. He wanted to take out the middle man to ensure that the farmer gets a fair share of the proceeds. AND he is able to offer a superior product, free of chemicals and pesticides, to his customers…a win-win.

It was a pleasure hearing Robert tell us about his journey. He is clearly passionate about what he does.Thanks, Robert!

Dale Julius and Robert Peterson

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1on1 Strong and Wicked Smoothie Espresso Bar
7 Marble Street B1
Whitman, MA 02382

Lexie Waugh, Senior Program Manager at Jobs For The Future

Posted by Sean Riley on May 2, 2019 at 11:30 AM

On Thursday, April 25, the Kiwanis Club of East Bridgewater was honored to have Lexie Waugh, Senior Program Manager at Jobs For The Future ( as our Guest Speaker.

Lexie spoke to us about the challenges todays higher education faces in trying to align their education systems with our workforce need. They look at where the two intersect and provide expert consulting to help education institution to shape ideas into action to transform both the workforce and education systems.

Lexie Waugh

Dale Julius and Lexie Waugh

It was such a pleasure to meet her and her discussion was so interesting and informative. Thank you, Lexie for taking the time to share your story with us.

Keep an eye on our calendar for scheduled speakers. Our guests are from a wide range of fields and never fail to inspire us with the work they do.

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The Kiwanis Club of East Bridgewater Welcomes WBUR Political Reporter, Steve Brown

Posted by Sean Riley on April 1, 2019 at 10:00 AM

This past Thursday, the Kiwanis Club of East Bridgwater weclomed special guest speaker, Steve Brown, WBUR's Political Reporter. Steve treated us to the back stories of a few of his news reports. It was great listening to Steve talk about the veterans he has interview and their experiences and stories.

Thanks so much, Steve. We really appreciate your taking the time out to visit with us.

Steve Brown and Kiwanis President, Dale Julius

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The Kiwanis Club of East Bridgewater Welcomes Superintendent of Schools, Liz Legault

Posted by Sean Riley on March 22, 2019 at 10:15 AM

Last night at our regulary scheduled weekly Kiwanis Club meeting we were fortunate enough to welcome East Bridgewater Superintendent of Schools, Liz Legault as our guest speaker.

Superintendent Legault filled us in on all the happenings at East Bridgewater's schools, proudly listing the students' accomplishments not only on the sports field but in the classrooms as well. She spoke about facilities improvement plans as well as the budget process and the collaboration with other department heads on that matter.

It was great to hear her speak. Her enthusiasm was infectious and was so evident how proud she is of the kids in our town.

Superintendent Liz Legault; Kiwanis Club of East Bridgewater President, Dale Julius; Chair Woman of the East Bridgewater School Committee, Ellen Pennington.